Simple Sourdough Course

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Learn the skills to confidently bake with your sourdough starter. This 30 day course starts with a downloadable PDF workbook, and then continues with a 30 day email course.

30 Days to Sourdough Success

What is included in this course:

  • 15 quick and easy lessons
  • 4 weeks of activities to transform you from sourdough novice to sourdough master
  • 20-page ebook filled with tips, tricks and recipes
  • 26 simple, easy, delicious recipes to use with your sourdough starter

In this course you will learn:

  • How to feed and take care of your sourdough starter
  • What hydration levels are, what they do, and how to change them
  • How to tell if your sourdough starter is ready to use
  • What to do with discard
  • How to create a bakers schedule
  • Beginning bread basics
  • How to take your sourdough starter beyond bread
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20-page ebook, 15 quick and easy email lessons and 4 weeks of activities, 26 simple, easy, delicious recipes

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Simple Sourdough Course

1 rating
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